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Monthly News November 2011

How to hack a WEP password for Wi-Fi + D...

How to hack a WEP password for Wi-Fi + Download

Today we will learn, step-by-step how to hack a WiFi network with WEP security turned on. But first a word: Knowledge is power, but power does not mean you must be an idiot, or do anything illegal. Knowing how to pick a lock does not make you a thief. Consider this educational message, or an... read more »

How to protect your PC from keyloggers

How to protect your PC from keyloggers

In my previous article I explained how to detect or find keyloggers on your system . Today I will tell you how to protect your PC or system from these keyloggers. Keyloggers and key monitoring tools are now becoming a serious problem for Internet users. keyloggers are very common that you can not... read more »

How to recover your Gmail account or Goo...

How to recover your Gmail account or Google Hacked?

I will explain the ways that How to recover your Gmail account, if they were hacked. I am getting many inquiries about him that’s why I’m sharing with you all. There are basically two ways to retrieve your password. hacked or lost I will share … It will be very difficult to... read more »

Recover Your Hacked Facebook Account

Recover Your Hacked Facebook Account

Facebook is the most visited website today and the only way to connect with people online. Since Facebook is the biggest online sharing platform, it has become a target of hackers, who want to steal the private information of people for malicious intent. If you see some suspicious activity on your... read more »


Windows 7 Product Key Finder

Have you lost your Windows 7 product key? Windows 7 Key Finder is a free software that can help you find your Windows 7 key. Its a small ad free software for Windows, that helps you to... read more »


List of Free VPN Services to Open Blocked Websites

If you want to open blocked sites in US, UK, India, China etc. or if you want to browse the web anonymously, then using a good free VPN service is what you need. Some websites like... read more »

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Download Flickr Photo Even When Owner Has Disabled Downloading

If you found an image on flickr that you want to download but can’t because the owner of the photo has disabled downloading of their photos, then you are at the right place. Its very easy... read more »


Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro 2012 – Free

Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro protects your laptops and desktops and provides protection against malicious threats that can sneak into your system when you are browsing the Internet, checking... read more »


CubeLight 1.0.4 – Theme Junkie Premium WordPress Theme

Advanced Theme Control Panel Auto-sized Thumbnail Management Text/Image Logo Switcher Fully Widgetized Sidebars Advertisement Management Localization Ready Analytics/Stat Management Built-in... read more »