23 Spectacular Photos of Super Blue Blood Moon 2018

super blue blood moon 2018

Last Wednesday, millions of people pointed their eyes to the sky in the hope of seeing what is called “Super Blue Blood Moon”. Despite its name, this very rare phenomenon has nothing to do with mythical creatures (sorry to disappoint the Werewolf lovers). But the last time it happened goes back to over 150 years, making it a very special event.

Super Blue Blood Moon at first is a full moon, which takes place every 29.5 days. In some cases, two full moons can be seen in the same month. It only happens every three years and it’s called a blue moon.

The last blue Moon was visible in July 2015. The blood moon occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun, giving a red hue. This is also the time when the moon is closest to the Earth.

And that’s when things get interesting! Just combine a blue moon with a blood moon and the trick is played! You get a super blue moon of blood.

Super Blue Blood Moon in pictures

Extraordinary shots of the Super Blue Blood Moon have been made all over the world.

1. Birds

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2. Athens, Greece

3. San Diego, California

4. Boulder County, Colorado

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5. China

6. Sky view

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7. Istanbul, Turkey

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8. A calm night

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9. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

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10. Australia

11. Switzerland

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12. Indonesia

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13. Prince Albert, South Africa

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14. Paris, France

15. Arizona, USA

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16. Dubai, UAE

17. Northern Idaho, USA

18. Tokyo, Japan

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19. Kyoto, Japan

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20. Tokyo, Japan

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21. New York, USA

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22. Lancelin, Australia

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23. New York, USA

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She’ll come back sooner than you think
In case you missed this super blue blood moon, another lunar phenomenon will occur on July 27: a total eclipse of the Moon. It will not be visible in North America, but people from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and South America will be able to enjoy breathtaking views of this event.

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