25 Halloween Costumes for Parents with Baby backpack-carrying (25 photos)

halloween costuems

Halloween’s on the doorstep, and you haven’t found a babysitter yet on this day? Well, maybe you don’t need it! And you need a little bit of imagination and creativity to create a common- festive suit for you and your baby. Here are some great ideas.

1. Mr. President

2. Hodor

3. Baby Panda and Mother tree

4. Baby Posters

5. The Alien and Elliott

6. Baker and Muffin

7. Chef and spaghetti

8. The Chef and Lobster

9. Diver and Octopus

10. First Halloween

11. Forklift from “Aliens”

12. Frida

13. Zombies

14. Harrietta Potter

15. Leprechaun and his pot of gold

16. Little Red Riding Hood and Gray Wolf

17. Parachute Tandem

18. Pirate and Parrot

19. Presidents

20. Rapunzel

21. Spider

23. The little Mermaid

24. Yoda

25. and again, Zombies

More costumes – here

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