4 ways to use a Microwave that are little known but useful

Microwave is inevitable appliance that is found in all the kitchens. It’s very convenient: just take a glass of water or milk, put it in microwave and that’s it, you have your water or milk warm in seconds. This saves your time, and by the way, you don’t use a lot of dishes and therefore you don’t have to wash it as often.

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Here, we’ll explain how you can use your microwave, not only to heat food, but for many other things you don’t even think about.

1. Cut Onion without shedding tears

Cut onion without shedding tears

Peel the vegetable and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Now you can cut it without crying!

2. Squeeze more Juice from your fresh Fruit

Put the fruit in the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds: they will become softer, and you’ll get more fresh juice.

3. To remove a stamp

Put some water on the stamp and heat it with the envelope for 10-15 seconds. And it’s taken off!

4. Remove chewing gum from your clothes

removing chewing gum from clothes

Heat vinegar in the microwave and apply it to the chewing gum. In a few seconds, you can easily remove the gum from your jeans or your favorite dress.

Good luck!

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