These 6 Communication Errors Can be Fatal to any Couple

Life as a couple is never easy. All those who are in a relationship know it very well. In order for the romantic relationship to last, you must not only love, respect and help your partner in case of need, but at the same time have patience and know how to communicate properly. And although it may seem strange to some, sometimes some communication errors may be the cause of a breakup. And it is precisely these fatal errors that we will be talking about today. So if you don’t want your relationship to be destroyed because of these communication pitfalls, try to avoid committing the following errors:

1. Be indifferent

If you have become indifferent to your partner, it means that you either do not like this person anymore and therefore you have to separate, or you no longer listen to your spouse and do nothing to avoid conflict. But such behavior is very dangerous for the couple, because gradually you’ill completely exclude yourself emotionally from your relationship which will inevitably sound the death knell of your relationship one day or the other.

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2. Criticize constantly

And while sometimes criticism is a necessary way to eliminate some mistakes and improve, if it is abundant, it can only harm the relationship. In addition, you should never criticize the personality of your spouse. You can criticize his behavior, if there is need of course, but try not to attack him by saying, for example, that he is selfish if he forgotten to do something for you.

3. Experiencing contempt

If you notice that your conversations are filled with sarcasm, mockery and even insults, it means that you are scornful to each other. And it’s really impossible to solve a problem (and no matter how it resides) when your partner (or you) gets the message that it disgusts you.

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4. Always want to have the last word

If you and your partner always want to have the last word in your conversations and especially during arguments, be prepared that your relationship will not last longer.

5. Allow someone else to intervene in your disputes
If you allow someone else to take part in your problems, arguments, disagreements or even conversations, be sure that your couple will explode into a thousand pieces. The couple is a union of two people and not three!

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6. Never talk about the past

Although sometimes it can be traumatic, you have to know how to discuss the past, even moments marked by “unresolved wounds”. One should not hide from one’s spouse any really important aspects of one’s personality, as this can cause misunderstandings in the future.

Avoid committing these communication errors and your love will last a long time. Do not hesitate to let us know what mistakes you have already experienced in your relationship and how you’ve eliminated them. Your advice may help other couples.

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