6 Tips to Manage Fear behind the Wheel and Drive with Confidence

gain trust driving

Many people claim to be unable and fear of driving. Why? Because they’re afraid to drive. According to several researches, at least 33% of drivers are anxious at the wheel. More than half of those who are afraid to drive are women. When this fear increases exponentially, it begins to become irrational, causing anxiety and panic attacks. This fear is called Amaxophobie.

In general, people who start driving are afraid when they are on the road. They think that can’t react in the middle of all these cars. It must be admitted: public roads can be a very hostile environment.

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Stress can also cause fear while driving. It’s noticeable in the case when people quit driving, preferring to use public transport for no apparent reason.

Of course, after a car accident, a crisis can persist, preventing us from getting behind the wheel.

How to overcome fear and face this phobia?

1. The first thing to do is to determine the scope of your fear of the steering wheel; if it’s a controllable fear or an irrational fear that you are unable to overcome. If it’s an uncontrollable phobia, we advise you to consult a specialist.

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2. Prepare well: a lack of driving skills and knowledge can cause a feeling of insecurity. We can manage theoretical learning, try hundreds of simulators, but at some point we’ill have to sit in front of the wheel and start practicing, with confidence in our abilities.

3. Avoid distractions when driving: no conversation, no music, no phone, no hair retouching by looking in the rearview mirror.

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4. Choose driving hours that promote good traffic: do not drive during peak hours. If possible, start driving on Sundays.

5. Short Trips: It is advisable to start with small trips in order to control the road and taking confidence.

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6. Do not drive with negative passengers: Never ride in your car with negative people or with whom you are uncomfortable. If your partner, parents or friends do not help you when you drive, then it is best that they not accompany you while you are learning.

gain trust driving
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Nothing can substitute the trust that you grant yourself. Work your conduct and trust will come with time. The road belongs to you!

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