7 common mistakes that prevent most women from losing weight despite a diet

If you think that you’ve done everything you can to lose weight without any positive results being visible, perhaps you are making one or more mistakes that prevent you from reaching this goal. Indeed, most women who start this process make these mistakes. In this sense, we are going to talk today about 7 most common mistakes made by women that prevent them from losing weight.

1. You consume too much protein

Although proteins strengthen muscles, repair cells, give energy and boost metabolism, a plate full of protein-rich foods can be harmful to you. Why? Because your body cannot handle a large amount of protein. If you consume too much, your body will transform into fats everything that can’t use it immediately. Women, on average, should consume about 46 g of protein per day. If there is more, you may get fat instead of losing weight.

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2. Avoid consuming fats

This is a very common mistake. The fact is that there are good and bad fats. and taking into consideration that good fats are a key nutrient that helps you feel fuller longer, you should not abandon them completely.

3. Not eating enough fruits and vegetables

Here, the problem is that most people eat at most 5 vegetables and fruits a day. If you want to maintain a healthy body weight, you need to improve your diet by adding more fruits and vegetables.

4. You skip meals, especially breakfast

Most people think that skipping meals helps to lose weight, and they are wrong. In fact, it’s very simple, the more you skip meals the more you’ll be hungry. And this feeling of hunger will therefore push you to eat more often.

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5. Eating the same food all the time

You started following a new diet where you eliminated a lot of unhealthy foods and replaced with good products. At first, the results were excellent. Then you stopped losing weight, despite your new diet. What happened? Unfortunately, when we eat the same food for a long time, even though it would be healthy, our body gets used to it and begins to “stagnate”. What you need to do in this case is to vary your menu from time to time.

6. Eating Too few calories

It’s also a common mistake. Eating too few calories will not help you lose weight in a healthy and safe way. Eating too many calories will not help you to lose weight. On the other hand, eating too few calories will make you hungrier, it can lead to muscle loss and slow down your metabolism, resulting in weight gain.

7. Not doing cardio exercises

It’s also one of the biggest mistakes women make when trying to figure out how to lose belly fat. They do abs, but forget the cardio exercises. No matter how toned your abdominals are, your belly won’t look flat until you get rid of the layer of fat on top of them. And for that, you need to review your workouts.

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And you, do you have your own tips for losing a few pounds? Or did you notice that women make some mistakes that prevent them from losing weight despite their diet? Share your valuable information in comments.

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