8 alternatives to have clean hair without using shampoo

alternative washing hair

alternative washing hair

Using shampoo is not the only way to clean your hair. Although there is quite a debate about how often we should wash our hair, we all agree that oily hair is often a source of discomfort. However, there are alternatives to shampoo, products that we almost all have at home. Some do not require rinsing, while others require it due to the resulting odor. Here are the products that will help you always have clean hair, without using shampoo:

1. Baby Talc

Baby Talc for hair wash

Sprinkle a little talc on your roots and the powder will absorb any excess fat. In addition, you will feel as good as a baby whose diaper has just been changed. It is best to buy the odorless version so as not to reveal your tip.

2. Isopropyl Alcohol
If you’ve ever used alcohol on your skin, then you know how fast it dries, removing any signs of hydration. This makes it a great option for fatty roots. Apply a little isopropyl alcohol to a cotton ball and get rid of this fat.

3. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar- hair wash
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There are complete books dedicated to the alternative uses of vinegar, and making your hair shine is one of those alternatives. Pour half a cup of apple cider vinegar over your hair, then rinse with water. You hair will be clean and shiny. The odor will disappear immediately.

4. Baking soda

If you are worried about your scalp, baking soda will remove any odor or sign of fat. Some people like to mix it with a little water to form a PASTE. However, you only have to sprinkle it on your hair and the trick is played.

5. Lemon

Lemon wash hair
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If you hope to sit in the sun and become blonde, forget it right away. However, Lemon is ideal for rinsing your hair. If you don’t want to wash your hair, squeeze a little lemon juice on the fat tips and massage. The smell looks like a lemon shampoo, except that it comes from a real lemon this time.

6. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos are available in several colors and do wonders. This is the most obvious solution, but we still wanted to quote it. In addition, you will find all kinds of varieties in many specialty stores.

7. Cocoa and corn starch

Cocoa and corn starch

In addition to absorbing fat, your hair will have a delicious smell of chocolate. Corn starch absorbs fat, while cocoa camouflages the white residue that can persist here and there.

8. Wet Wipes

Just as they manage to absorb the fat on the face and preserve your makeup, the wipes also make it possible to remove the fat from your scalp. Divide your hair into different sections, then rub the roots with the wet wipes.

Did you like our shampoo alternatives? Try some of them and tell us which one is your favorite.

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