A funny curious cat who loves watching TV

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cat watching tv documentaries

Everyone knows the saying “such as dog master”. But did you know that it is sometimes also applicable… to cats? Admittedly, this is less common, because our domestic cats often have very finicky characters and are quite independent. But in the case of Mr Farinelli, a beautiful black and white Tomcat, that’s another story.

Indeed, Mr Farinelli share a significant common with his master. It is totally a fan of TV documentaries, with a slight preference for those dealing with wildlife. Then as soon as his human turn on the television to watch one of these programs, thecurious feline is never far away and enjoys as much of beautiful images.

Amused, the master of Mr. Farinelli decided to film his hairball. And it is clear that, yes, the black and white cat is still close to the TV when a documentary broadcast, even downright front of the screen, watching it with particular interest. For a bit, you could even believe that he understands what it looks.

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