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Antivirus Wars!

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Hey guys!

Post your top favorite antivirus/internet security suites below! Post why you like them too.

Post your most hated ones as well!

Thought that this would be a great way for people looking for a new internet security suite/anti virus to refer to for advice on what to get, etc.


Top Favorite :

1. Panda Global Protection 2012 – Runs pretty smooth and fast. Not ONE issue at all while running it. Not annoyingly overprotective like some internet security suites. Catches security issues instantly too :). HIGHLY recommend because it is 110% issue free

2. BitDefender Total Security 2013 – Runs great and smooth like Panda except with more features such as Safe Pay. So far I have only gotten Tracking Cookies removed but thats good enough to show that it does do its job. The 2012 version was a pain in the *** especially because I could not scan without a BSOD, but so far I have had no issues with the 2013 version. Recommended!

Most Hated :

1. Norton Internet Security 2011 : Runs amazing and catches EVERYTHING. But one setback : Too overprotective. When I create stuff on Visual Studio and run the program, Norton would automatically remove it because it has no background. It also keeps removing false positives like Winject.

2. Bitdefender Total Security 2012 – TOO overprotective. Probably more than Norton. I could not connect to the internet or my printer because of this and had to remove it. It even had a BSOD while I did a virus scan and after a Google search, I knew that I was not the only one…

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ASC with anti virus 2013

Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus 2013 Full Serial


SecureSafe Pro 2.74 + Activator

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