Avoid Filling and Reusing Plastic Bottles, here are the Reasons

It is really important to always stay well hydrated and drink plenty of water. In order to avoid buying a new water bottle every day, many people fill the ones they already have. In reality, it can be dangerous for our health to reuse a plastic bottle.

reusing plastic bottles, dangerous
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The problem is that when we fill the bottles again, we don’t wash them, but we simply rinse them. As a result, bacteria in the bottle continue to multiply. In a study published in the Canadian Health Journal , 76 samples of water bottles used by students were examined. The results showed that more than two-thirds of the samples had a higher level of bacteria than the allowable standards.

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Another study conducted by KLTV News and the University of Texas Health Centre examined water bottles that were reused for only one week. The results showed that the bottles contained a lot of bacteria inside. These bacteria could make people sick and cause food poisoning, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. In addition, when it is hot and the bottle is not fresh, plastic chemicals can be found in the water, which is also very dangerous.

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It is therefore advisable not to reuse plastic bottles. If you have a doubt, it’s better to use a glass or a reusable water container. Take care of your health.

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