Baby didn’t wake up after a nap, Mom realizes she still has a few minutes to save her Life

sunless heatstroke

A heatstroke can hit anytime as evidenced by the story of Little Anastasia ABMA. Her mother turned to social networks to raise awareness of the ordeal which she had endured with her daughter.

When she found that her child wasn’t reacting while taking a nap, called 911 for help. Heatstroke can be dangerous and even cause death.

sunless heatstroke

According to the Mayo clinic, it is caused by the very large increase of temperature in your body due to long-term exposure to high heats or when the self-regulating mechanisms work poorly.

If a heatstroke is not treated in time, it can damage your heart, brain, muscles and kidneys. Jennifer Abma had a terrifying experience with her daughter and a heatstroke.

She told her story to raise awareness and hopefully prevent it from happening to another child. Her story has been shared more than 46,000 times and attracted 11,000 reactions in just two weeks.

“It is essential that the youngest and the elderly be given special attention during the summer.”

Jennifer’s little girl, Anastasia, fell asleep for a nap. When Jennifer came to wake up her later, Anastasia was bright red and covered in sweat.

It took her nearly 20 minutes to wake her up and she called 911 for help. The little girl’s blood sugar was low, and paramedics had to give her sucrose.

Before taking a nap, Anastasia received heatstroke while playing in her room. There is no one to blame for this incident and Anastasia is fine. As Jennifer’s story shows, a sunless heatstroke is real and very dangerous for those who ignore it.

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