Did you know that living with a cat offers many benefits? Here are 6 proofs

Our 4-legged friends are truly amazing creatures that often make us smile. Any pet owner sincerely loves his dog or cat and it’s completely reciprocal. But have you ever heard that living with a cat offers many benefits to people’s physical and mental health? No ? So we are excited to familiarize you with this interesting information. Thus, cohabitation with a cat:

1. Improves or even eliminates symptoms of stress and depression

Cat purring can be very relaxing and is therefore able to relieve or even eliminate various symptoms of depression, anxiety or stress. In addition, their purring stimulates concentration and helps to create a relaxing atmosphere.

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2. Helps people with Alzheimer’s syndrome, ADHD (Attention deficit disorder) and Autism

Cats can be used as a complementary therapy to improve the everyday life of people who suffer from these illnesses.

3. Contributes to a significant decrease in blood pressure

This benefit is very significant for those who suffer from hypertension. Indeed, petting a cat has a calming effect that helps to decrease blood pressure.

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4. Strengthens the bones

This may seem unreal, but purring of cats as a therapy is also able to heal bone fractures of their masters.

5. Reduces the risk of stroke and heart disease

If you are worried about having stroke or heart disease for hereditary reasons, adopt a cat. Studies in the United States have shown that cat owners are much less likely to experience heart attacks or strokes.

6. Improves sociability
If you are antisocial and have trouble starting a conversation, it is recommended that you adopt a cat. This animal significantly improves the sociability of its owner while suggesting that it is sensitive and intelligent.

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Have you ever noticed that your cat has a positive influence on you? Let us know.

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