6:04 pm - Wednesday July 23, 2014


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LivingSocial hacked
LivingSocial was breaking, 50 million pe...

LivingSocial was breaking, 50 million people were affected

Very well-known site in the United States and Canada LivingSocial has been hacked, this Saturday morning reported its representatives. Hacker ukalos get the data of more than 50 million users. It is unknown what the group of hackers broke into the service, they were able to have stolen logins,... read more »

Internet has experienced largest DDoS-at...

Internet has experienced largest DDoS-attack in history

The world Internet  has decreased the rate of data transmission due to the largest of the DDoS-attack in the history . The investigation into the incident immediately engaged from five countries. Nonprofit organization Spamhaus, with offices in London and Geneva, was the main objective of... read more »

Pirate bay arrested
Founder of Pirate Bay is arrested, now i...

Founder of Pirate Bay is arrested, now is accused of fraud

Pirate Bay founder, Gottfrid Svartholm, and takes a long time behind bars isolated in a prison in his native country. His arrest took place immediately after he set foot in Sweden, after being deported from Cambodia, and related to hacking case against the company Logica, which has close ties with... read more »

Hurricane Sandy also leaves its mark on social networks
Hurricane Sandy also leaves its mark on ...

Hurricane Sandy also leaves its mark on social networks

Beyond which means a natural disaster, Hurricane Sandy by New York also has tested some of the modern communication methods that are already part of everyday life. Precisely on Twitter, this week has been quite busy in terms of traffic and also in terms of the most popular terms in the social... read more »

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Windows XP is still present in one third of the worldwide PCs

It has just been officially released Windows 8, opening a new market for Microsoft between niche hard to tablets and tácil screen devices, thanks to the Modern UI UI. But one of the... read more »


Most users of Windows 8 prefer”the seven”

More than 50,000 users of Windows 8, present at a specialized forum on the subject, have thought about their experience with the new operating system, which is currently in a testing phase... read more »


Microsoft wants to break Guinness record in marathon programmers

Microsoft has summoned all Windows software developers as part of an event called Windows AppFest, to be held from September 21 in Bangalore, India, a city also known as the “Silicon... read more »


Konami announces first DLC for PES 2013

Konami has already confirmed the first DLC for PES 2013 even before the game hits stores. The company explained that this extra content will come the day of the launch. In addition, in... read more »


Sergey Brin helps Wikipedia

One of the cofounders of Google, Sergey Brin, gave a donation of 500.000 dollars to help the work of the largest online encyclopedia. The money came from Brin-Wojcicki Foundation, which established... read more »