Do cats like snow? Yes, and we have some super cute proofs!


If you think that cats hate snow and only like spending time in a warm house or apartment, you’re wrong. Today, we would like to present three very adorable and hilarious videos that prove cats not only are not afraid of snow, but they also love to play! Sit comfortably, you’ll love these videos and they will make you smile for sure!


The first compilation shows not only felines who explore and discover snow for the first time, but also others, more experienced. They already know how to sledge, digging trenches in snowdrifts, playing with children and dogs and even slide on a shovel! But the main thing is that these cats love all these activities!

The video below shows a cat named Boots. This cat who obviously got tired of spending all his time in the House decided to do something new and built an igloo. Have you ever seen an igloo made by a cat? No? Watch this video!

And the last compilation that we would like to present to you today proves once again that these cats (no matter whether they see snow for the first time or not) are very curious and always ready to do something new and all this is Really hilarious!

We hope you enjoyed these videos. Feel free to share other videos and cat stories if you have any!

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