Crying – a Sign of Weakness? Studies say it’s more the Opposite!

crying benefits health

Emotions always trigger a certain physical reaction, not just in the person who feels them but also for those nearby. In our society, some emotions are considered natural and well-seen, while others may cause some sort of detachment.

Feelings like happiness, joy, surprise, excitement and other positive emotions are always easily accepted by our society. However, when it comes to feelings that express negative emotions, such as sadness, fear, anxiety, depression and anxiety, for example, they are often quickly ignored, denied and generally popularized by our peers.

This kind of habit generates beliefs that can be harmful for all of us, because we end up denying these “bad” emotions and, as a result, we face much more serious psychological and emotional problems.

It’s no coincidence that there is a strong increase in consumption of antidepressants and anxiolytic drugs. People have gotten used to letting go and denying this sadness and anxiety, while depression has something to teach us about our lifestyle.

Therefore, we grow up hearing that we must not cry: only the weak ones cry, we must not express our feelings and display a false smile.

crying is not for weak people

Studies by Stanford University indicate that the more we repress our emotions, the more stressed we become. In turn, stress causes an increase in our blood pressure, while the apparent tranquility we try to display to the rest of the world can only exacerbate our disabling emotional state.

Crying is a comforting act that relieves the mind, allowing us to see more clearly. This is the conclusion reached by 70% of those interviewed in this study. When a person cries, the release of intense emotions tends to relieve the person and therefore to see the situation from another angle, calmly and in a more stable emotional state, in order to make better decisions.

Another study in Florida found that crying is therapeutic, especially when it brings people together and strengthens their emotional bonds.

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