Divorce has a negative influence on children’s health

Divorce is something that is certainly never pleasant. This is a difficult step for both parents and children. But if parents are able to survive it more easily, children suffers a lot and much longer.

According to a survey published in February 2011, 63% of kids, whose parents divorced, said they had suffered a lot from this separation. These children claimed that they felt a sense of isolation and deep abandonment. But it turns out that psychological suffering is not the only problem that children have to face. /

According to a new study published in January 2017 in the PNAS newspaper, adults whose parents divorced when they were young and had no longer spoke afterwards, have a much greater risk of experiencing more fragile health than those whose Parents divorced on good terms or stayed together. Researchers have tried to understand whether some aspects of the family environment after parental separation have influenced children’s health. To do this, the scientists at Carnegie Mellon University quarantined more than 200 healthy adults and exposed them to a virus that was supposed to cause a cold. After observing them for five days, the researchers found that adults whose parents were separated, but had good relationships and spoke regularly, were not more inclined to develop a cold when exposed to This virus. While adults of torn families were 3 times more likely to develop a cold. This increased risk was attributed to increased sensitivity in response to an infection.

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Therefore, the scientists concluded that the stress caused by parental divorce had a negative impact on the immune system, inflammatory processes and psychology in general.

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So, if you’ve decided to divorce, never forget your children and do everything you can to make it less traumatic for them in the long run. Your children’s health depends on you!

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