During a walk, this dog heard a sound coming from a bush and saved the life of a kitten!

Roscoe the cat

This touching story took place in 2013, one day when Opie and his owner were walking in a small park at the back of the building where they lived. The dog abruptly stopped, for he had heard a sound coming from a bush. He didn’t want to move, and his owner had to go and see what was in the bush.

dog saves kitten from a bush
Paw Mane Fin / YouTube

To their surprise, they found a tiny kitten barely two days old which was in bad shape. The young woman couldn’t abandon the poor creature, took her home and washed her. She then took the kitten, named Roscoe, to a vet to make sure he was in good health.

kitten rescued
Paw Mane Fin / YouTube

Fortunately, Roscoe had no injuries or serious illnesses. But the kitten was very small, he had not yet opened his eyes and had to be fed using a syringe. Little by little, the little feline has regained strength and grown. In two weeks, he completely opened his eyes and began to drink his bottled milk.

kitten drinking milk
Paw Mane Fin / YouTube

Roscoe’s new family gave him a lot of love. Plus, Opie and this kitten have become the best friends in the world and spend a lot of time together. Today, Roscoe is a very beautiful big cat in great shape.

Thanks to Opie who noticed him and his owner who found him, Roscoe had a second chance to start a new life quite happy. Bravo!

Source : Imgur

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