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Effects sunset in photoshop

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This article will guide you to create sunset effect in photoshop with these easy steps.

Step 1: Launch Photoshop, choose File> Open, browse to the image file to create a sunset effect. In this article, I get the scene shot of Sydney Opera House during the day to do illustration.


Step 2: Choose Tools Brush tool (B key) with a soft brush (soft brush) color (# AD651A), opacity of the brush (Opacity) about 10%.

h2 d89ee sunset effect in photoshop

Then you paint onto the surface image, simply paint a thin layer to change the background color of the scene as shown below, should not be too thick paint will damage the color layout.

h3 fa0df sunset effect in photoshop

Step 3: Click the Adjustment Layer icon (half black half white circle) is located below the Layers panel, select Curves, then set the anchor points with coordinates (Output / Input) as shown below in order to reduce the brightness of the image .

h4 85aa1 sunset effect in photoshop


h5 494f0 sunset effect in photoshop

Step 4: Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) is less than 1 Curves layer, named Layer 2. Press the D key and press the Alt + Delete to fill the black for the entire Layer 2.

h6 7b2d4 sunset effect in photoshop

Go to menu Filter> Render> Lens Flare, click a corresponding point on a black background with sun position (boundary between sky and sea), and set the remaining parameters as shown below.

874be h8 sunset effect in photoshop

On the menu Filters> Blur> Gaussian Blur, set the Radius value of 10 pixels.

h10 e721c sunset effect in photoshop

Step 5: Go back to Layer 2, you select Tools Brush tool (B key) to yellow green soft brush (# FFE01A), transparency (opacity) of about 10%. Fill light from the sun towards the center around, corresponding to the sun’s rays as the sun sets.

H11 2150a sunset effect in photoshop


H12 77cab sunset effect in photoshop

Step 6: Set the blend mode to Linear Dodge (Add) for Layer 2.

H13 3cc6f sunset effect in photoshop

Press Ctrl + J to duplicate the layer 2, set the blending mode to Screen new layer duplicate, and the Opacity to 40%.

H14 6276f sunset effect in photoshop

At this point, you’ve got a picture with photography sunset, with the sun and sun tan.

H16 ab0cd sunset effect in photoshop

By incorporating additional functions such as custom colors enhance Levels, Curves, Colour Balance, … you will get better results as shown below.

H17 fd0df sunset effect in photoshop

Wish you success!

Reference: ICanBeCreative

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