Husky Dog and Kitten tamed from the first moment and become friends forever

lilo the husky and rosie the cat

Cats and dogs it’s often said are enemies, but that doesn’t prevent them from making beautiful gestures towards each other.

lilo the husky and rosie the cat

Rosie the kitten, was only 3-week-old at the time when she was found by three sisters. She was so morose and weak that day that the sisters thought it wouldn’t survive the night, even taking care of her.

But the family has a Siberian husky named Lilo. Rosie began snuggling against her, and, as an act of kindness, Lilo accepted her as if she were her own puppy. A year later she is now an adult cat with a husky heart.
The sisters were so afraid that Rosie wouldn’t survive that night until the next day, but letting Lilo take care of her was finally the right choice. She survived this ordeal.

Lilo has really taken her role as a mother to heart, and Rosie, her infantile instinct, started trying to suckle.

Rosie has since grown up and leads a life of siberian husky, six months later.

And after all, no matter the difference, this cat is a member of the Husky clan now, and a member of the most adorable!

They share everything as if she was one of them, ranging from snacks to caresses.

Rosie also joins her new family as soon as they go for a walk.

It begins to look and act like a husky.

She is now Lilo’s daughter. Love always wins over differences.

At first, when Rosie had recovered, they wanted to give it to an adoption center, but today they are happy they didn’t do it.

Loli’s parental instincts are always present. They sleep together at night.

Rosie is tired after walks, but her husky family is there to support her.

Then in the evening, they hug each other until they fall asleep … it’s so cute.

The rest is part of the story. They created an Instagram account to immortalize all those sweet moments.

Source: lilothehusky / Instagram

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