Everything you need to know about keratosis pilaris: symptoms, causes and treatment

keratosis pilaris

Maybe everyone knows about this unpleasant disease that is often called “chicken skin” (officially keratosis pilaris). It’s practically a part of the daily life of one third of world’s population.

Keratosis pilaris is a particular skin condition in which the keratin protein contained in its composition forms tiny bumps in the middle of the hair follicle. These excrescences that form on the skin are different from the natural skin color. They can be white, reddish, bluish and even brownish.

keratosis pilaris
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Most often, this phenomenon affects the back of arms and legs, particularly the hips, but it can also occur on the back and shoulders. Externally, keratosis pilaris resembles a rash, but has little in common with dermatological diseases, and doesn’t pose a threat to life.

The biggest problem of keratosis pilaris is related to aesthetic. Unpleasant skin bumps can occur in adolescence when there is pronounced a hormonal imbalance. In some cases, the disease disappears itself. However, there are cases where the affected areas require special care.

Reddish bumps are often dry and rough, which becomes even more noticeable in case of insufficient hydration of the skin or in winter when the skin is particularly dry.

Causes of keratosis pilaris

It is believed that this disease is caused by the psychosocial development of a person. This explains its frequent appearance among teenagers. It should be noted that parents must be very tactful and prudence with their children during the transition years, as keratosis can also affect the child’s self-esteem. The best way is trying to comfort and convince your child that it is a quite natural phenomenon. In addition, its responsibility for each parent to teach your child to take good care of their skin.

The reasons for this harmless cutaneous defect are not yet known. One of the factors is the occlusion of the pores and hair follicles caused by a malfunction of self-cleaning. Dead cells that contain keratin are mostly peeled off and removed from the surface of the skin naturally. However, sometimes this process does not happen. According to another view, the bumps on the surface of the skin are formed due to an excessive accumulation of keratin around the hair follicles, which prevents them from coming out to the surface.

Recent studies have said that keratosis may be the consequence of a genetic predisposition to skin diseases. Some experts consider it to be a variety of atopic dermatitis.

Sometimes hormonal changes in the body, such as a pregnancy, can also cause a first onset or relapse of this disease. Chronic processes, for example, asthma or susceptibility to allergic reactions, can also affect the intensity of red bump manifestations on the skin.

Getting rid of the « Chicken Skin »

It should be noted that keratosis can sometimes disappear by itself in adulthood. The basic recommendations for eliminating the problem include reviewing your diet, more comprehensive skin care and use of mild exfoliating cosmetic products. Here are 7 simple tips that will help you improve your skin condition if you have these small red bumps.

chicken skin disease
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1. Vitamin A

Its difficult to overestimate the usefulness of vitamin A, especially in regard to beauty and youth. It participate in the natural production of collagen. This compound protein helps maintain the elasticity of the skin, as well as the shine and strength of hair and nails.

Retinol is a form of vitamin A, which affects the process of pore purification. That’s why cosmetic products containing retinol are the best natural exfoliators. Although the effect of these products is not instant, they guarantee long-lasting results.

2. Omega-3

A healthy diet should include products that contain omega-3s, another effective way to achieve perfect skin. Sufficient amounts of this saturated fatty acid are found in flax seeds, legumes and nuts. In addition, you must reduce your consumption of dairy products.

3. Natural Cosmetics

If you are familiar with keratosis problem, study carefully the contents of your makeup kit. The ingredients of all your beauty products should be as close as possible to natural. In addition, you must stop using flavored cosmetics. To be aware of the efficacy of this method, you should at least avoid using pleasantly fragrant lotions and creams, as well as scented soap and fragrances.

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4. Glycolic acid

It’s one of the softest and most effective exfoliants. It is perfect for skin cleaning and has soothing properties. In addition, it helps reduce inflammations like those related to acne.

5. Keratolites

There are specialized products that can be used to prevent and treat “chicken skin”. These products are usually based on glycerin or lactic acid, which contributes to the painless elimination of the horny upper layer and unnecessary keratin.

6. Sea salt

Due to the antiseptic and curative properties of sea salt, it is possible to use it as an excellent alternative to scrubs. The use of finely ground sea salt is thought to be more effective. It can be mixed with anti-allergen or baby soap to obtain consistency needed for washing. It can also be mixed with honey.

7. A dry- moisturizing brush

It is possible to effectively remove keratinized particles from the surface of the skin with a soft brush. Just massage the affected areas and then moisten them with a natural quality remedy. You can use cosmetics based on jojoba oil, coconut oil, and also avocado. It is important not to neglect this obligatory beauty ritual, especially in winter when the skin is more prone to drying.

Although keratosis pilaris is not a serious problem, it can be remedied. The skin is the largest organ of a person. In addition to its protective properties, it also has an aesthetic function. Regular skin care and a balanced diet will help considerably improve your condition.

Source: CureJoy, Fr. Axe, Reader’s digest

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