This eccentric man dedicated 20 years of his Life and $4 million to build an Ark

Johan Khybers worked as an entrepreneur in construction. One night, he had a dream that a terrible flood had destroyed his entire region. Johan regarded this as a sign that he had to build an ark, the Ark that Noah had built to save the people from the flood. However, Johan’s Ark was supposed to save the people from sin and teach them to love God.

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In 1992, he began to study the Bible in detail. The first test ark that Johan had built was in 2005 in the port of Shagen, Netherlands. measuring 230 feet long and he spent $1.5 million. But it was only the beginning!

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Johan gave his first ship to an organization “Ark of Noah”. Then he began to build an ark on a larger scale.

The next ark measured 430 feet long, 100 feet wide and stood 75 feet high. It was water-proof and weighed 2500 tons. The Ark was large enough to house 5,000 people at one time!

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This ark cost him over $4 million!

Johan decided to put animals there. Although most of them were plastic sculptures!

This second arch was opened in 2012 to visitors. In addition to plastic animals, there is a small zoo where parrots, rabbits and peacocks live. Throughout the ark, Johan tells people a biblical story about Great Flood and God’s love.

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Source: FaithTap

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