Migraine: Causes and Practical Tips to Relieve Your Headaches

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Today, almost 18% of the world’s population suffers from migraine. Women are 3 times more affected than men by these headaches. In addition, in 90% of cases, migraine is chronic. These headaches also called “Primary Headache” appear in adolescence (in rare cases, migraine can also affect children) and usually disappear after 50-60 years.

Migraines can be caused by stress, anxiety, intellectual overwork, irregular sleep or hormonal deregulation, environmental factors such as heat or sudden changes in temperature, eye problems as well as intolerance or hypersensitivity to certain foods (gluten, lactose, or histamine). And while most migraine sufferers seek immediate relief (special medications), it’s always best to understand the origin of these headaches in order to eradicate them.

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After identifying the cause of migraine (either on your own or after being examined by a doctor), you can take advantage of the following tips to relieve or even eliminate these headaches:

1. Exercise and work breathing

If you’ve noticed that migraine attacks are usually caused by stress or anxiety, do sports. Physical activities are your best allies fighting against headaches. Also try breathing techniques, practice meditation, yoga or self-massage your temples and your neck. This helps to relax and calm your mind while relieving migraine.

2. Limit the use of blue screens

In case your headache is caused by eyestrain or eye problems, try to get as far away as possible from all the screens (TV, smartphones, tablets, computers) in your home. In fact, by projecting a lot of light, they constantly keep eyes in use, which causes eye fatigue and therefore migraine. And if you can’t that, download special apps that filter smartphones and computers and block blue light on screens. You can also buy glasses that filter blue light.

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3. Eliminate foods that are guilty of migraine attacks

If you’ve identified foods that you’re intolerant of and whose consumption causes headaches, eliminate them from your diet. But, if your migraines are also accompanied by fatigue and digestive disorders (nausea and / or vomiting), it is likely that it’s hepatic migraine. In this case, you can enjoy virtues of desmodium, milk thistle or ginger.

If you haven’t found the factor responsible for your migraines, take the following steps in order not to make it worse and, to the extent possible, to alleviate headaches:

  • drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration;
  • don’t drink coffee, alcohol, black tea and other exciting foods in large quantities;
  • try to find a good sleep;
  • rest in a quiet and dark place;
  • apply ice on the painful area;
  • take painkillers to relieve headaches, but don’t overdo it;
  • adopt a healthy diet and do non-violent physical activities (such as walking);
  • try alternative medicine (relaxation, acupuncture or massage).
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Practice our advice and lead a life full of joy and migraine free. Feel free to share your own tips to alleviate headaches. Perhaps your advice will help other people with migraine.

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