Natural tips for cleaning tile joints

tile joint cleaning

If you have tile in your kitchen or bathroom and you aren’t a fan of using chemicals, we have prepared some tips for cleaning your joints with natural products.

tile joint cleaning
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Soda Crystals
To clean the joints with soda crystals, you will need 125 g of soda crystals and 60 cl of hot water. Mix these two ingredients together and clean the joints with an old toothbrush.

White vinegar
This product is convenient for cleaning different parts of the house. It can also be useful for cleaning joints. You will need a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and a large glass of vinegar. Mix these ingredients and rub your joints with this mixture. To clean, you can still use an old toothbrush.

tile joint how to clean

Salty lemon
Cut a lemon in two halves, soak a half in salt and rub tiles directly with half the lemon. Let it act for a while and rinse.

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Baking soda
You will need 4 tablespoons of baking soda and 10 cl of white vinegar. Mix these ingredients in a vaporizer, they will form a foam. Spray the joints and leave on for 24 hours. Then rub and rinse.

We strongly advise you to use gloves for any cleaning of the house.

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