They Tied this Old Dog in the middle of a field and left her with a Note saying, “We don’t need a dog”

dog abandoned UK

Anyone who has a pet will tell you that considers it as a family member. However, the fate of our quadruped friends is sometimes sad. Realize that there are between 6 and 8 million animals that are registered in shelters every year in the United States alone!

That’s what happened to this 12-year-old dog named Tessa. She ended up tied up and abandoned in the middle of a field in the UK, accompanied by a bag. The bag contained a blanket, dog food and a heartbreaking note.

The note said that Tessa’s owner had moved to Canada and asked his neighbour to look after her.
Tessa ended up in the middle of nowhere, forgotten by her original owner and abandoned by the neighbor who didn’t want to have a dog.

Fortunately, people from South Yorkshire Vet Ambulance were called to take care of her. So this story has a happy ending. Tessa will soon go to a farm in the Netherlands where she can finish her life in peace.

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Source : South Yorkshire Pet Ambulance / Facebook

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