A person films and publishes a video to denounce his neighbor who left his dog in the cold and snow

Old dog left outside in blizzard.

Low temperatures hit the east coast last year. People were trying to help each other and the animals, but a woman from Brooklyn showed a heart of stone.

Old dog left outside in blizzard.

This video shows a dog that was dropped outside during the blizzard. The animal barked constantly as if to make it clear that he wanted to go home. The author of the video wrote the following,

We have been listening to these poor animals for 13 years with no response from officials because it is legal (unlike other cities and states ) to leave your pets outside to slowly freeze to death. So NYC essentially endorses animal abuse. The dogs are still with owner and still being tossed outside.

The video was posted on Facebook and has been viewed over 500 000 times! People have also started to bombard the police with complaints, and have asked for an investigation be conducted.

The dogs have not been removed from the care of their owner.

However, we need to stay human and treat our pets with dignity!

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Source: : Evelyn Tully Costa / Facebook

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