Snow Queen’s Palace: 12 fascinating photos of frozen Niagara Falls

While many people in Europe are waiting for winter, preferably with a lot of snow, it has indeed settled in Canada and the United States. In some areas of these two countries an abnormal cold has already caused chaos and very significant damage to their economy. On the other hand, other regions have been transformed into true landscapes of tales by nature. For example, half-frozen Niagara Falls are very similar to the Snow Queen’s Ice Palace.

Don’t you think? So look at the following 12 photos, they are breathtaking:

1. “It really looks like Narnia” — people say in social networks.

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2. To see this unique icing, thousands of tourists come to visit the biggest falls on the continent.

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3. Many people don’t fear such a cold. They marvel at the beauty of nature, make photos and selfies with Niagara Falls in the background.

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4. It’s so beautiful that it seems unreal!

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5. There is everything — water, frost and sunshine — on this photo.

6. The Frozen paradise!

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7. It’s incredibly beautiful, isn’t it?

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8. It’s the Niagara Falls on the New York side. The frozen water has never been so impressive!

9. Here is another selection of snapshots of this miracle.

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10. At the beginning of January 2018, the temperature was still between – 10 °c and – 15 °c.

11. The winter of 2018 can go down in history as one of the coldest in the United States.

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12. Niagara Falls are lit up during the night!

Our nature is truly unique and there is no doubt that one could admire these “works” indefinitely. If you liked these fascinating photos, feel free to share them with friends who might love it.

And frankly, have you personally ever seen something so beautiful?

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