Some reasons that cause people to bite their nails

nail bite habit

Many people think that nail biting is a sign of anxiety. When we see someone biting their cuticles or chewing their fingernails, we conclude that this person is nervous or thinking about something. But that’s not always the case!

nail bite habit

Science has proven that there is something more behind this habit than just anxiety. And all the nail rodents actually have something in common!

Some facts

Gnawing nails can be dangerous when bites are left open and untreated. This makes easier the penetration of microbes and bacteria. A British died as a result of such infections.

This is not a rare habit: 20 to 30% of people bite their nails! And the majority happens to be women!

Anxiety can pose this problem, but it may also be due to a lack of self-esteem that would make a person more nervous and cause to bite their nails. This seems to be a vicious circle!

The researchers say that this habit has a calming effect. But the reasons why people don’t leave their nails alone may be different: parents, or siblings doing it, or whatever. This can be learned, hereditary, or simply to distract oneself in case of boredom.

Interesting information

It turns out that people who frequently bite their nails are real perfectionists! A person is upset because of a failure, an argument with their spouse, or anything that goes wrong.

Perfectionists love the feeling of permanent movement, which is why when nothing happens, they become frustrated and start nibbling their nails.

So what should these people do? Simple! Try to relax and enjoy the life! But most of the time, it’s easier said than done. No matter how much you relax and breathe deeply, there always seems to be something that will cause you stress. That’s how life works, but it’s not a reason to give up.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to keep your mind and body in peace. YouTuber Ingrid Nelson shares some of her best tips for relaxing and letting go. She talks about disconnecting (cell phones and other gadgets), meditation, and enjoying a relaxing cup of tea. Watch her video below. You could find exactly what you need to prevent stress from dominating your life.

The problem with being a perfectionist is that you will always find reasons to worry and face imperfections. What for? Because the world itself is flawed. Nothing will ever be exactly as you wish. But hopefully this article and this video will have given you some tools to make things easier to manage.

Source: AWM, Ingrid Nilsen / YouTube

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