A stray dog visits a wedding and finds himself adopted by the couple a week later

dog adobted from newlyweds

A wedding day is one of the most important events. In general, couples begin to prepare months in advance to ensure that everything is perfect. And sometimes, everything goes differently for a variety of reasons. The wedding ceremony for this couple was planned in great detail, but an unexpected guest caused considerable changes.

dog adobted from newlyweds

Marília and Matheus are happy newlyweds from São Paulo, Brazil, and recently shared a story on Facebook that went viral right away. The two lovers dreamed of an outdoor wedding because they thought it would be more romantic. But the weather forced them to change their plan, and they were forced to do the indoor celebration. Of course, Marília and Matheus were upset, but they could do nothing but resolve it.

So they made a decision to mount a big tent, because the weather was really very bad. That’s the moment when an unexpected guest appeared. It was a stray dog and so alone that he had come to seek a little affection. During the official wedding ceremony, the dog began to walk down the aisle. Later, he laid on the bride’s veil as if he had been the couple’s favorite pet all his life. A really touching scene!

After the wedding, Marília and Matheus didn’t forget this brave dog and they decided to go looking for him. After spending the whole week looking for him everywhere, they finally found him. This time, they decided not to lose sight of him anymore and did everything they could to keep him with them.

The couple adopted the dog and named it Snoop. They live happily all together in Brazil and not imagine their life without each other. The dog showed up at the wedding when he wasn’t invited, but today he is an integral part of the newlywed family.

We are glad to know that this dog will now be happy with his owners. We wish him all the happiness of the world.

Source: Love What Matters / Facebook

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