These Videos are Proof that Dogs are very Intelligent

There is plenty of evidence that dogs are really loyal and very intelligent animals. We present you two videos that prove their intelligence.

On the first video, it’s a German shepherd. This is probably the safest and most reliable dog breed of all. They are intelligent, loyal and obedient. Of course, many other breeds can say the same, but the German Shepherd occupies a special place in the human world. For example, dogs of this breed often work in pairs with a police officer. And this story relates the facts of a police dog.

onetencrewfilms / Youtube

While watching this video, you’ill see the policeman asking the German Shepherd to wait in the car. However, the car was closed at that time. What the dog does might surprise anyone. It’s just great! The dog runs towards the car, opens the door and closes it behind him! He’s very well trained and understands perfectly orders of his owner.

The second video shows how a woman — the owner of the dog, teaches her how to perform various acts. Jump, move, take things. His dog, who is also a shepherd, but Australian, shows his understanding orders of his owner. He’s really very smart.

Do your dogs listen to you and understand you as well? Do you think they should be trained? One thing is certain — our adorable dogs are ready for anything if they trust us.

Source: onetencrewfilm / Youtube, Wise Wanderer / Youtube

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