5 Things that Dogs are Able to Predict, including Pregnancy

Dogs can sense Seizures

Dogs, man’s best friends, are incredibly intuitive animals that seem to be very connected to and aware of their environment. They often have reactions that seem inexplicable to us when, in fact, they perceive things that we are not even aware of ourselves. They are also sensitive to our levels of stress, anxiety and sadness.

There are many things that dogs perceive and react much faster than human beings. Here are 5 of the most surprising:

1. Earthquakes

Dog sense earthquake

From ancient Greece, there are stories of dogs fleeing danger zones before destructive earthquakes hit cities. In addition, in China, many people confirm that dogs behave in a desperate way before all kinds of seismic activity appear. Scientists do not fully understand why dogs have higher levels of perception than ours but, according to their theory, it would be related to their sense of hearing, which is much more developed than ours.

On the other hand, other scientists insist that dogs feel the seismic movement in the legs, even when the tectonic plates move very far away from them. Their behaviour is very surprising: they tend to take refuge under something that they believe will protect them or run to an open and unobstructed area.

2. Storms

Dog can sense Storm

Just like with earthquakes, dogs can sense other things far away. Storms create an electromagnetic surge that dogs can feel before it reaches them. Our best friends use their incredibly developed hearing to hear the storms that are still miles away. They also use their sense of smell, which is 100 times stronger than of humans, to detect changes in the smell of air before a storm arrives.

3. Diseases, including cancer

Some diseases like cancer or diabetes generate a special type of odor in humans. These smells are very subtle and humans cannot detect them but they not escape the incredible smell of dogs. If a dog senses a particular area of your body obsessively, you should consider going to see a doctor.

4. Seizures

Dogs can sense Seizures

Some dogs are even trained to detect seizures before they occur. Not only do these dogs warn their owner, but they also lie on them and call for help. No one knows how they can do that, but this canine instinct has saved hundreds of people’s lives.

5. Pregnancy and work

Dogs can tell pregnancy

There are countless stories telling that some dogs radically change their attitude the day their owner gives birth. There are also dogs that perceive pregnancies and become more protective and alert. Dogs are believed to be able to detect hormonal changes through their sense of smell.

Dogs are really four-legged angels with hanging ears. Do you know of any “strange” canine behaviors of any kind that occur in other situations?

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