This Dog is extremely jealous of new baby and she makes it known

jealous dog to newborn baby

A dog shows that she isn’t happy with the attention paid to the new baby.

Having a newborn can be troubling for the family. This is an upheaval for all family members and, as this video has shown, it can also affect pets.

A dog is really not happy with all the attention she gives to a newborn and she makes her feelings known. Every time the mom tries to calm and talk to the baby, Sadie, the dog growls in anger. It is obvious that this pet is upset.

jealous dog to newborn baby
Rumble Viral / YouTube

The mother tries to talk to Sadie, showing that she still loves her, but every time she seems to be turning to her baby, the dog doesn’t like it.

sadie dog
Rumble Viral / YouTube

The video, although adorable, has worried some viewers. Some people were afraid of the dog’s behavior and thought it might be aggressive towards the baby if left alone.

Others said that Sadie was doing this just because it was new to her and after a while she would go to the baby.

Watch the video below and come to your own conclusion. Don’t forget to share.

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