These 6 Tips Can help you Eliminate Foot Odor

It’s always embarrassing to have feet that smell. Even though many of us have had smelly feet problems, there are those who are struggling on a daily basis and a very embarrassing problem. Can you imagine what these people are experiencing when they have to take off their shoes in a crowded place?

The good news is that there is a solution for all those who suffer from smelly feet. With a good daily hygienic routine, this annoying problem can be eliminated and you can finally say goodbye to these embarrassing situations.

Find below some tips to help you get rid of foot odors:

1. Make sure you have good hygiene

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You must follow a hygienic routine that includes a foot wash with antibacterial soap. This washing should be done every day and your feet should be dried carefully, otherwise the moisture will cause the bad odors to reappear much faster. Dip a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and clean the area between each toe.

Always wear clean socks to avoid mushroom growth.

2. Homemade talc

For this you will need baking soda and corn starch. These two ingredients will help you absorb moisture. You can add a drop of tea tree essential oil.

3. Foot Baths

Foot Baths
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You can make yourself a foot bath with apple cider vinegar or Epsom salt. Apple cider vinegar offers a natural way to eliminate bacteria, while Epsom salt prevents mushroom growth. These are the two main causes of smelly feet.

4. Do not wear the same shoes every day

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Wearing different shoes allows your feet to not accumulate bad odors. Alternating between three pairs is enough to let each other pair breathe in the meantime. When you arrive at home, remove your shoes to give them (and your feet) fresh air.

5. Wear socks and change them frequently

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Wearing socks is essential in preventing smelly feet. They must be made of cotton or wool, because they are fabrics that absorb moisture well. There are also sports socks available, with small crevices that allows your feet to breathe.

6. Change your diet

Carbohydrate-rich foods can trigger the bad smell of feet. Alcohol and cigarettes also affect the smell of your feet. Pay attention to these products!

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