Tourists filmed a 14-foot long Python Swallowing the whole Deer

python swallows deer

In late January, at the Bundala National Park, located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, tourists managed to capture a huge python swallowing an entire deer. According to tourists, the gigantic python wrapped itself around the deer and swallowed the animal over the space of an hour.

The employee of the Park said that now the Python wouldn’t eat for months

He said: ‘The pythons normally throw up when it senses people seeing it devouring an animal.

‘But looks like it was very hungry and despite the disturbance it swallowed the whole animal.

python swallowing whole deer
‘It did not require that whole deer and now that it has eaten more than required, it will not to eat for months.’

The clip shows the moment the python tightly coils itself around the deer and you can see the animal slowly inching inside the snake.

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