Woman Jumps into frozen Lake to Save her little Dog

woman jumps into frozen lake to save her dog

It’s often said that dogs are man’s best friend because they are dedicated, caring and intelligent. They like to spend time with their owners and not imagine life without them.

And when something serious happens, the owner just like the dog will do everything to save the life of their best friend.

This woman was very brave jumping into a frozen lake to save her dog. We hardly imagine the cold she must have felt, but it didn’t prevent her from helping her companion. Passersby could do nothing but stop to watch, and everyone wanted to make sure that the dog and her owner were fine.

Someone recorded the video and put it online. Thousands of people have left comments and share their own stories. For example, Chris Hatchelt wrote:

This poor dog found himself trapped in the ice and could not get out of it alone. He cried for help and cold, and he was finally heard by a group of good people who didn’t hesitate to rescue him. A man snuck over the frozen surface and saved the animal.
The dog suffered from hypothermia, but it all ended well. Finally, he was adopted by a caring family.

This brave young woman risked her life by also jumping into a frozen lake. This story took place in Alexandra Palace, north of London.
This lady’s dog was chasing a bird when the ice broke at once and the animal lost its foot. Fortunately for him, his owner had guts and managed to bring him back to the bank.

These people have shown that nothing can prevent them from helping others or rescuing their most loyal companion. Would you have done the same in such circumstances?

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